The victory for intelligence is not based on code or anything else. A successful website requires online tactics for reaching company goals. Therefore, there are some of the steps that can be followed to build an attractive and responsive website.


It is crucial to know the purpose and targeted audience of the website you are going to create. Then only you can set up the requirements of the website. This sector includes two aspects:

i) Audience: Before stepping your step towards web design, you must have a clear picture of your audience. According to this analysis, you can contemplate on the maturity, gender, crisis, and rectify your website correspondingly. This can invigorate the interest of potential customers and attract them to the company, organization, or whatever.

ii) Desire: After having a proper analysis of the targeted audience, you can re-analyze on their needs and requirements. This approach can give you a better clue in designing the service-oriented website.


The next step that must be considered for web design and development is the appropriate preparation for the contents and other related aspects. Some of the important preparation that our expert make before the start-up includes in-depth about the data, a sitemap to be implemented, analysis of prepared format of the website, and non-theoretical factors such as scripting, evaluating the use of the server side language like PHP and Java, and so on.


This is the backbone step of the web design and development process. Here you can enter into the editorial board and start your dawn designing. However, our experts suggest designing on paper, paint, or any tools you prefer before dawn designing. This strategy can help you reduce potential errors.

Some of the important aspects that professional web developers should contemplate are:

Wire-frames and the format Appropriate colors for the website and the function of the color.The themes with images, fonts, and icons.


Contents can act as a fragrance of the website to attract the audiences and manipulate the traffic. Contents for successful web design and development incorporate text, pictures, slides, and videos. Those contents can be further divided as:

Texts: Blogs, testimonials, magazines, or anything that suits your websites.

Pictures: Attractive images related to services that can be provided, or the aims and objectives of the website.

Slides: Presentation of the achievements or whatever-related your company or organization has achieved in the recent days.

Videos: Videos related to something going on your website.


Once the above-mentioned steps are followed in the web design and development process, you can start designing the user-friendly website. However, you can have some obligations while developing your website.

You should have proper knowledge of HTML. In case you are novel to it, start learning before you initiate your website development.

Use CSS only if you have proper knowledge of using it otherwise HTML is supposed to be easier.

Knowledge of other factors like graphics, JavaScript, PHP, Databases, and Servers should also be considered.


This is a critical stage to be followed after the successful design of the website. Here, a developer needs to check out important things and confirm its smooth operation.

– Make sure that the webpage created in the HTML or CSS is working or not.

– Be confirmed about the working of the source codes. If they are not functioning properly then troubleshoot the issues and ensure their validity.

– Check the operation of the websites in specific browsers.

– Make sure whether the requirements of the website are met or not.


It is literally a final step for web design and development. Once you test your webpage, host it. In case you do not have a domain, companies like Next Nepal can help you to purchase one. Finally, you can analyze the access of potential visitors to your website.


This step is for those who want to publicize their website in the global market. Once a required website is designed and hosted, several steps are followed up to rank it top on the search engine result page (SERP). The most common ways are SEO, SMO, and so on. Since our company Next Nepal Private Limited is regarded as a leading IT Company of Nepal, we can help you better with SEO and SMO.


Websites are the living entities of a company or organization. Therefore, it needs proper care and maintenance. Adding the latest contents of the institution, dealing with contemporary blogs, and fixing broken links are the factors related to the maintenance of a website. This process may seem trivial, however, it is equally important.

These steps can be followed strictly to develop an expected website of your choice. If you are in any doubt regarding web design and development or want to maintain the virtue of your existing website within the reliable cost, you can contact us at

Since our potential customers have changed into permanent customers, our experts are confident in their performances.

we supplements its own ultra-modern fleet and network with an extensive network of subcontractors and partners who work under the responsibility and control

Its own ultra-modern fleet and network with an extensive network of subcontractors and partners who work under the responsibility and control of our company. They are monitored by the forward management system developed by in house, fixed. partners who work under the responsibility and control of our company. They are monitored by the forward management system developed by in house, fixed.

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